It is the 21st century and what was once a sleepy seaside village has grown into both a burgeoning international port and a booming industrial center.  The people are prosperous and the future is positive.

But the city is not all it would appear to be.

Vampires dwell in the shadows, playing their ancient games of power as they jealously guard both resource and status.  Savage Werewolves stalk the suburbs and outer environs of the city in their never-ending, futile quest to keep urban rot from infecting the last of the pristine wild places – and long with it their very souls.  Workers of magic by force of will alone seek the answers to mysteries and powers both esoteric and prosaic when reality's very fabric is often their deadliest foe.  The truly Dead look on it all, wishing, wanting, and trying desperately to keep hope alive amid the creeping, futile, inevitable despair that marks all existence beyond the lands of the living.  Between the quiet, forgotten places of halcyon joy and the innocence of a child's laugh dwell the Fae – guardians of one bright spark against the ever-present crush of eternal night.

In this place, accursed are those who see but do not understand.  Who hear but do not listen.  Who feel but do not experience.  In this place you can succeed if you have what it takes.  Gain your heart's desire if your ambition is strong enough.  Survive to enjoy it if you're wise enough.

The choice…is yours.

Brighton By Night

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